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NeeDoh Rainbow

NeeDoh Rainbow

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  • A whole rainbow of sensory-soothing wonder!

    If you're feeling stressed or on edge, grab one or all of these rainbow-colored Teenie NeeDoh globs and give them a good squeeze, squish, pull, or smoosh.

    The senses are fascinated. Stress melts away. And instantly, you're feelin' over the rainbow!

    Learn to look on the brighter side of life with the Teenie NeeDoh Rainboh set.

    Teenie NeeDoh Rainboh

  • Set of 6 mini squishy stress balls in bright rainbow colors
  • Encourages sensory learning, calmness, mindfulness
  • Packaged in assorted colors
  • Includes 6 Teenie NeeDoh globs
  • High-quality materials and construction